Len Millward Kinetic Lenz Light Sculptor

True story and the inspiration behind Kinetic Lenz

Kinetic Lenz 


I started making Kinetic Sculpture in 1968.  Then, studying Art Education at Colorado State College, my professor said we were going to have an exchange show with Colorado State University.  It would count as our final project for our grade.  We had to create a Kinetic Sculpture. They would create a show to display at CSC. Looking around in class I don't think many of the students knew what Kinetic Sculpture was, let alone how to make one. Yet, in one semester we would be student teaching then graduating and teaching art.  The point being, we had to stay on top of all the art trends so we could include them in our teaching. 

I loved a challenge, and figured this was a great way to teach!  So I did lots of research and then built the Kinetic Sculpture!  We had a great show, and I learned an incredible lesson.  I was hooked on learning about, and making, Kinetic Sculpture.  I was even working on it as I learned to fly for the Navy!  Later in my art teaching career we used art to teach history, math, science, and reading. I even presented my ideas at the International Conference on Reading. While watching the Kinetic Lenz, you could get some great ideas too! 

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